Post-natal and Nursery Services

Our consultant paediatricians are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They also are available in case your child ever needs hospital care.
Union Hospital has been accredited from various local and international organizations.

Post-natal and Nursery Services

The Nursery Unit is located on the third floor, ie. the same floors as the maternity wards, making it convenient for parents and relatives to look after and visit the babies respectively. Mothers who stay in private rooms and semi-private single rooms ​can be accompanied by their husbands and babies overnight.

The feeding room inside the Nursery Unit provides a high-quality breastfeeding environment specifically designed for mothers. The facilities ensure that they can comfortably feed their babies.

The Unit is equipped with advanced equipments for neonatal intensive care. Newborn babies are placed under the watchful eye of pediatricians and well-trained staff who provide them with a high level of nursing care.

To ensure the safety of babies, the Nursery Unit is only accessible to authorised staff and parents. Relatives or friends can view babies in a designated area through an observation window. In addition, a breast-feeding room is situated at the unit with experienced staffs to provide guidance and support for breast-feeding mothers.

To promote knowledge and understanding of post-natal care and neonatal care among pregnant women and their family members, the Unit's is equipped with Union Hospital Education TV Channel to provide free information to all.

Nursery and Feeding Room ​
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