Remarks for Pregnant Mothers

Our consultant paediatricians are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They also are available in case your child ever needs hospital care.
Union Hospital has been accredited from various local and international organizations.

Remarks for Pregnant Mothers
Remarks for Local Pregnant Mothers
  • Please come to the hospital if there is show, leaking or abdominal pain. For enquiry, please call 2608 3270 (Maternity Unit).
  • If Union Hospital and your attending doctor find that you are not suitable to deliver in our hospital, e.g. pre-term baby (less than36 weeks), Union Hospital will refer you to other hospital under Hospital Authority.
  • Please notify our staff whether you will join the Maternity Package UPON ADMISSION. NO alteration or refund is allowed once your decision is confirmed.
  • On admission, please bring along with your identity card, valid travel documents (for non-HKSAR residents), Confirmation Certificate on Delivery Booking (for mainland pregnant mothers), doctor’s referral letter, all antenatal investigation reports (especially High Vaginal Swab) and deposit receipt. Surcharge will be levied for those who cannot show their antenatal blood reports.
  • No delivery suite surcharge will be levied for spontaneous vaginal delivery on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.
  • Surcharge will be levied for caesarean section on specific time.
  • For Elective Caesarean Section, please come to the hospital 4 hours prior to the scheduled time of the operation. Fasting for 6 to 8 hours prior to operation is required.
  • For Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery, husband can stay in the Monitoring Room and Delivery Suite. No surcharge is required.
  • For the safety of mother and baby, if husband wishes to stay in the Operating Theatre for elective Caesarean Section or emergency Caesarean Section, attending obstetrician and hospital's consent must be obtained and additional charges are required.
  • For special nursing care and equipment for complicated delivery, additional charges may be incurred or the package offer may be cancelled.
  • Charges will be levied for other laboratory & phototherapy treatment for baby or diagnosis by Paediatricians.
  • Additional charges for preparation of formula brought in by parents.
  • Please bring along your night-gown. Night-gowns are also available for rental.
  • You can buy breast-feeding gown at hospital if necessary. Please contact our staff for details.
  • Baby’s basic commodities will be provided by the hospital during hospitalization. Please bring along baby’s clothing on discharge.
  • Check out time on discharge day for the delivery package is at or before 12:00 noon.
  • On discharge day, both baby and mother have to check out at the same time (except those babies need to stay for medical treatment).
  • Please do not bring along any valuables.
  • The hospital will only allow accredited cord blood storage companies to provide services.
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