Highlights of Antenatal Talks
Our consultant paediatricians are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They also are available in case your child ever needs hospital care.
Union Hospital has been accredited from various local and international organizations.

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Central Fetal Heart Monitoring System

Central Fetal Heart Monitoring System is installed in labour room and delivery room, aimming to monitor baby’s heart rate and mothers’ uterine contractions rate. Obstetrician can access the continuous and instant fetal heart tracings of pregnant mothers via medical surveillance system with their authorization. When abnormal tracing is detected, obstetrician will arrange emergency caesareas section for the mother promptly.



Mobile Clinical Security Systems

To ensure infants’ security and to have 24-hour protection, they all wear 2D-tags on the ankles and wrist at birth and the duration of their hosptial stay. From dispensing medicine to feeding infants, infants’ identity will be confirmed via mobile clinical soultion system, a system that records infants’ medical history, to avoid possible human error. Everytime when mothers remove the infants or feed the infants, nurses will check the tags of mothers and babies for better saftey.



Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and infant incubator in new born nursery are specially designed to provide infants with extra care. Infants will be arranged in infant incubator for the first four hours after birth in order to have a close monitoring. Infants with full term delivery may also suffer from breathlessness, causing by inborn pneumonia or pleural fluid for the first four hours after birth. Besides, infant incubator consists of temperature controller and life supporting equipment. By staying in the incubator, infants’ oxygnation density, respiration and heartbeat rate can be measured in every second

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